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About Us

Our Team

   Dneprochem is a close-knit professional team of specialists in technical support, supplies and logistics.



Our Presense

•  Clients database: over 1000 companies in Ukraine

•  Good reputation and customers’ references aid in developing long-term relationships with new clients


•  We deliver goods to 17 Ukrainian regions regularly

Our Mission

   Providing a reliable distribution service for polymer raw materials, based on quality of service to our customers and suppliers, which is reliable and technically proficient. We are conduct this business ethically in a spirit of partnership with our suppliers and stewardship with our staff.



Our Advantages


  • Warehousing and storage goods in Kiev and Dnipro with fast delivery service with the most cost effective deliveries


  • Continuity of supply via contracted supply partnerships with best in class suppliers


  • Range of materials that guarantee customers needs


  • Technical support and development including processing optimisation advice, polymer selection and development of various formulations on individual orders

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