Dneprochem LLC is the Ukrainian distributor of polymeric materials with a long history. Stable relationships with major manufacturers allow us to confidently fulfill supply commitments to consumers of the chemical industry. The aim of our company is ...

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  Our range of polymers includes high-tech premium products, as well as some well-known commodities, a wide range of masterbatches and colorants for all kinds of plastic products.

   We do not stand still, and always follow the innovations in the global polymer market!

  Every day we provide a high level of technical support and logistics services by the highly qualified company staff! Also, cooperation with us involves providing commodity credit.

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  Successful activity of our company in the Ukrainian market - is the result many years of work our friendly team!


  Our principles - honesty, reliability, responsibility, professionalism!

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Mr. Yurii Ostapyuk

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Tel: +38 056 370 37 00 

Email: office@dneprohim.com

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